Fundraising - a beautiful part of your call to serve!

You likely didn't answer the call to be a pastor because you have great gifts in asking for money. If fact, for most pastors, they felt the call most strongly because of their interpersonal skills and preaching/teaching gifts. But, like all vocations, we are asked to do all of it...not just the things we are best at.

Fundraising is also a part of your call. We want to help you to embrace and celebrate this part of yourself. As a mentor and coach to many fundraising professionals - ordained and lay - Brenda has seen pastors who were terrified of fundraising grow to love it as the favorite part of their call. It is an honor and joy to give folks the opportunity to give!

Now, more than ever, our church members need to give. As the world turns in on itself, we, as the Body of Christ, need to turn OUT - giving and serving everywhere we turn. 

Perhaps it's time for you to develop this skill further. When you sign up for a coaching program with Brenda Moore, you get:

Each Package Includes:

12 one-hour coaching calls,

over 3, 6 or 12 months

All sessions facilitated through Zoom, an online video conference platform

Digital tools and replicable resources to support each topic

Up to three people from an organization can participate as a team!

Special Offer

Because of the unprecedented situation that we are all in, with COVID-19, we are offering the following discounts and payment plans:


  • 10% discount if you pay in full upfront


  • 3 payments of $2000

Coaching Content

  • interpreting your donors' giving history and habits

  • understanding the basics about different types of gifts

  • focusing the right gift invitations on the right donors

  • clarifying your church's vision, story, and funding needs

  • developing relationships with your most generous donors

  • learning how to have gift conversation and invite a gift

  • developing a year-round plan for growing your gift income

  • getting your policies, procedures, and technology in order

  • equipping others to help you do this work

  • other topics that are a high priority for you
    (e.g. campaign preparation, growing an endowment)

Next Steps

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