Three Gifts that will Revolutionize your Fundraising

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I'm embarrassed to admit it. I snuck out of my first planned giving seminar. I wanted to run. After just twenty minutes of being pummeled with terminology, techniques, and tax-talk, I managed to avoid gift planning conversations for the first several years of my career. What a loss - for the donors and ministries I served, and for ME. Oh, the gift conversations I could have had if I'd known just a few, basic, simple things!

In this Leaders Academy video, I interview Dana Holt on the second key to Legacy Giving - EDUCATION. Together we explore:

– what you DO need to know and DON'T need to know about planned giving

- the three simplest ways that donors can make gifts from assets

- the role that professional advisors can play in educating and helping your donors

Don't make the mistake I made in my youth. Don't miss your opportunity to learn the few simple things that will help you move the needle on your ministry. Don't miss the opportunity to share these ideas with your donors. As Dana says, "Your donors really do WANT to be invited to make these gifts!"

And if you're ready to learn more, check out our Legacy Giving Basics course. I am offering this online class, along with all kinds of replicable resources, so you can lead on Legacy Giving with competence and confidence.

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