Faith & Philanthropy in a Time of Crisis

It’s not what you were expecting. Now what? The capital campaign. Your weekly offerings. A fundraising gala. The spring appeal. Your recognition event. A large gift about to close. A pandemic pushed the pause button on your best laid plans, and your momentum for ministry tumbled with the stock market.

If it didn’t feel like Lent before, it does now. Is this a taste of the disappointment that Jesus’ disciples felt? They passionately believed that the Messiah would rescue them from Roman oppression. Instead Jesus was crucified, and all their hopes were buried with Him in a tomb. Jesus’ death wasn’t in their plans.

With an economy in freefall and your best laid fundraising plans for 2020 teetering on irrelevance, what’s next?

Right now, your leadership and ministry is more important than it’s ever been. No matter your mission, your ability to walk alongside God’s people during these days is essential. I know the stress of adapting in times of major setbacks. In my 37 years of working at the intersection of faith and philanthropy, I’ve weathered 3 major recessions and too many organizational crises. Those experiences have given me perspective and sharpened my tools for surviving - even thriving - during the really hard times.

With hopes that I can accompany you and the ministries you care about during the challenging days ahead, I'm sharing a new tool that will help you stay the course.

Download Faith & Philanthropy in a Time of Crisis here.



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