Legacy Lessons from a Librarian

She wanted to talk about her death! Really? My adult life was just getting started.

She was exuberant about a large estate gift. And I was timid to invite a modest $1000?

"Ms A" was a librarian, and my textbook case for how to start a bequest conversation.

Why are we so hesitant to have gift conversations? After all, we don't have a Legacy Giving program without gifts. We can't move the needle on ministry without gifts. But this is usually where we get stuck.

The third key to Legacy Giving is GIFTS. In this video, I introduce you to "Ms A", and two steps that generate momentum - Discovering Existing Gifts and Inviting New Gifts. I also introduce you to the most common characteristics of a planned giving donor. I'm confident you'll come away with your most likely legacy givers already in mind.

If you're ready to learn more, our Legacy Giving Basics course includes an entire library of tools and resources for your use. Learn more about this six-part online program here.




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