The Second Happiest People on the Planet

"When we give leadership for Legacy Giving, we're inviting God's people into a vision, a mission, and a life of discipleship."

In this Leaders Academy video, I interview Pastor Larry Strenge on the first key to Legacy Giving - LEADERSHIP. Together we explore:

- some of the ways that Legacy Giving has led to congregational transformation

- some of the problems and solutions he's witnessed with Legacy Giving leadership

- wisdom from scripture we can use to lead faithfully on the subject of legacy giving

- how legacy giving can play a role in leading us into a more hopeful future for ministry

By the way, the second happiest people on the planet are grateful. Take a look and a listen to learn more about the happiest people.

AND check out the Legacy Giving Basics Online Course. I am offering this comprehensive set of resources so you can lead on Legacy Giving with competence and confidence.

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