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Legacy Giving: The Basics


Get the step-by-step training and tools to grow a legacy giving program that works


Online Training

7 one-hour modules, delivered over 7 weeks 


Dozens of digital tools and replicable resources

Access for Others

Sharing with your team so you can  learn together

Growing legacy giving should not be a mystery

Without the practical skills and tools you need to increase legacy gifts and advance your mission, you'll limit your impact

  • You'll lose 10% or more of your annual gift income potential
  • You'll miss out on the 'great generational wealth transfer'
  • You 'll only get small gifts from donors' income instead of larger gifts from assets
  • Your donors may give their legacy gifts to other ministries, not yours
  • Your donors may never know the joy of transformational giving
  • You'll keep wasting time on other fundraising tactics that don't work
  • You'll struggle to sustain your mission, and worry about the future

God has promised us "more than enough" II Corinthians 9:8. Why are you getting in the way?

You should have a Legacy Giving program so your faithful donors can give from their assets for a ministry they love, and your mission can be sustainable for the future.



Each module takes the mystery out of growing legacy giving

And you get access to dozens of replicable tools and resources


Getting started is easy

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Purchase the course for $495 to get access to the online videos and resources. 

Learn New Skills

There are 6 parts to a legacy giving program. We'll take the mystery out of each one. 

Grow Your Ministry

Raise more legacy gifts, advance your mission and increase your impact 


The step-by-step training and tools to grow a legacy giving program that works


Legacy Giving: The Basics includes:

  • 7 online course modules that you can share with others in your organization so you can all be learning together
  • dozens of downloadable and replicable resources so you don't have to create materials from scratch 
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About Your Instructor


Brenda Moore's vocation has evolved around mission, ministry, and money for more than 30 years. As a resource development professional for church-related organizations, she's honed her skills at the intersection of faith and philanthropy.

During the past 10 years - somewhere between the gift of her two daughters and the death of her father - Brenda became all the more acutely aware of legacy.  Passing on the faith to the next generation became job #1.  Using her leadership and fundraising expertise to build the capacity of ministry organizations became her focus.

Brenda is a results expert.  The organizations she has led and served have collectively raised hundreds of millions of dollars for their life-changing work.  She is also a research expert - a continuous learner in her profession, always accumulating and synthesizing best practices and resources, and educating others. As a role model, she mentors people into ministry and philanthropy roles, coaches them through their learning curves, and inspires them to be faithfully courageous as leaders and fundraisers.