Being a Fundraising Professional SHOULD BE
Oh-So-Challenging AND Oh-So-Rewarding!

The fundraising profession is hard. No doubt about it. But, it SHOULD also be rewarding. When we work with generous people and powerful ministries, we get to experience the best of people - generosity, authenticity and excitement for the future!

But, it's hard to do in a vacuum. As a fundraising professional, you need a network of people - both inside and outside of your organization - cheering you on, mentoring you, helping you to constantly learn and grow and, ultimately, raise the most money possible for the mission of your organization!

Brenda Moore and Associates offers a variety of coaching packages, each around a specific area of work, to help you accomplish this. 

Each Package Includes:

12 one-hour coaching calls,

over 3 months

All sessions facilitated through Zoom, an online video conference platform

Assigned work between sessions

Some assigned work between sessions, for both Brenda and You!



  • Introduce the role of philanthropy in your ministry

  • Clarify mission, vision and strategic choices for fundraising

  • Formulate the case for support

  • Iidentify audiences, constituencies and stakeholders

  • Discover the basics of annual/renewable giving

  • Discover the basics of major gift fundraising

  • Discover the basics of planned gift fundraising

  • Establish processes for prospect identification, research and management

  • Learn gift invitation basics and best practices

  • Establish processes for donor record keeping and gift stewardship

  • Develop annual plans and goals, establish monitoring/evaluation processes

  • Formulate an investment strategy and budget for continued fundraising work

Legacy Giving

  • Leadership: Your governing board’s approval

  • Leadership: Establishing your work group

  • Education: Educating your leaders

  • Education: Educating your donors

  • Gifts: Discovering existing gifts

  • Gifts: Inviting new gifts

  • Administration: Governing policies

  • Administration: Stewardship processes

  • Communication: Donor focused promotion

  • Communication: Professional advisor introductions

  • You: Planning your own gift

  • You: Competence and confidence moving forward

Major Gifts

  • Introduce the role of major gifts in your organization

  • Clarify the mission, vision and funding opportunities for major gift

  • Discover the basics about the assets that can be given as major gifts

  • Formulate the case for major gifts support

  • Identify, discover, and research major donor prospects

  • Develop cultivation and solicitation plans for top prospects

  • Secure visit appointments with several of your top prospects

  • Conduct personal visits and invite gifts from several of your top prospects

  • Negotiate and close gifts from several of your top prospects

  • Establish processes for prospect review meetings and gift stewardship

  • Develop major gifts plans and goals, and set the stage for monitoring them

  • Formulate an investment strategy and budget for continued major gifts work

Campaigns & Projects

  • Introduce the role of campaign or project fundraising in your organization

  • Clarify the mission, vision and strategic choices behind your project

  • Discover the leadership, staffing, and infrastructure needed to move forward

  • Define the program or project and its plans for implementation

  • Identify and begin developing major donor prospects for the project

  • Develop fundraising goals based on analysis and peer screening techniques

  • Formulate the case for support

  • delineate a communications plan

  • Formulate a plan for a lead gifts phase

  • Experience a donor visit and lead gift invitation

  • Formulate a plan for a general gifts phase

  • Establish a followup plan

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