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Strategy when the Stakes are High

Jul 26, 2020

Who could have anticipated all the big decisions you've been making lately?  The sand feels like it's constantly shifting beneath your feet.

Who'd have figured it would be a crisis that would catapult your organization's mission to essential status? Your people need  you walking alongside them now more than ever.

Who wants to imagine even the possibiity that the ministries that mean the most to you might not survive the times?  No one.  But people much smarter than me are predicting nonprofit closure rates - best case scenario is  7%, worst case is half, and most probable is 1 out of 4.

The stakes are high.

Think about the big decisions you've had to make since March.  Are they intentional choices about your ministry's future? Or have you just been reacting to every new emergency? Are you making strategic choices? Or are you plugging holes in a dam? 

Chances are, few of the major choices you've made in recent months were informed by...

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